About Us

Univers Promotions® was founded in 2006 by shareholders with a rich experience in marketing and communications ATL & BTL.
Created with the goal of being a “one stop shop”, Univers Promotions ®, part of Universe Group, collaborates with its clients by helping them to understand and utilize the importance of using promotional materials as part of their marketing strategy.

The solution we offer is not simply printed material but marketing solutions that connect our loyal customer brand with their users.
Identification of customer needs, fulfill these needs, competitive prices and high quality obtained from our complex but complete technology, are key to our service standards towards our clients and their users.

Univers Promotions serves a large number of clients in banking, FMCG, telecommunications, pharmaceutical like Telekom Albania, Agna Group, Banka KombetareTregtare, Digitalb Eurosig, Coca Cola, offering them a range of more than 7500 products and services imported from Germany and Hungary.
Our team works continuously to bring to market innovative ideas and items offered with more economic alternatives for our customers.

Univers Promotions® helps you in the product selection, development and timetable needed to secure high efficiency operating this communication channel and the invested budget.